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Jan 16, 2020

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Samsung To Skip Galaxy M50 And Working on Galaxy M51 in India

Jan 16, 2020 News 707 hits

Samsung To Skip Galaxy M50 And Working on Galaxy M51 in India

Samsung was supposed to start the production of Samsung Galaxy M50 after the previous model M40 was launched in June, however, the company is skipping the number M50 and has started production of Samsung Galaxy M51 in India.

Samsung’s M series was launched a year ago with a focus on the budget market, the company has released the Galaxy M series exclusive to India as reported earlier. The South Korean giant has released a few gimmicks in this series including Galaxy M10, Galaxy M30 and Galaxy M40 which were plaudit by the users.

It has been reported by the sources that Samsung has started the production of SM-M515 India at Noida factory, which means the company has skipped M50 and producing M51 now. However, the production is in early stages indicating that the device will not be launched any time soon. Samsung is not only changing the moniker of M-Series but also considering using “1” for both series instead of using “0”.

This could be due to the New Year, and a resolution to be number one on the market, whatever, the reason is Samsung has already planned these changes, the company might offer more changes to internal specifications that we will know when the product reaches in the middle or final stages.

While highlighting the other devices, Samsung is currently working on the next-generation flagship Galaxy S20, S20e and S20 Plus along with Galaxy Fold 2 which was reported earlier for the next year.

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  • Chimilevschi Iosif Gabriel Jan 16 2020, 23:06
    Great phone

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