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Jan 16, 2020

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iPhone X Vs iPhone 11: What are the differences?

Apr 27, 2020 Hamza Ali News 992 hits

iPhone X Vs iPhone 11: What are the differences?

With the fresh release of iPhone 11 owners of previous models including the iPhone X which is now 2 years old are entitled to ask the question: Is it really useful to change? Contrary to what its name might suggest, the iPhone 11 is not the new version of the iPhone X. The iPhone 11 replaces in the range the iPhone XR which was and still is the entry-level apple.

Technical characteristics

Under the hood or rather the shell, the iPhone X is based on the A11 version of the Apple processor while the iPhone 11 is based on the latest generation of A13 chip. This does not mean that the A11 version is completely picking it up but if you want to have an even more responsive and more durable phone, in this case, you will have to switch to the iPhone 11. In reality, the most obvious difference you will between these two models is the screen. The iPhone 11 has a screen of 6.1 inches against 5.8 inches for the iPhone X, so you will have a slightly larger screen but nothing very significant. The big difference is in the resolution and technology, the iPhone 11 is a "simple" LCD screen (Liquid Retina) with a resolution of 1792x828 pixels while the iPhone X is based on an OLED screen with a resolution of 2436x1125 pixels. The owner of the iPhone X who will switch to 11 will see a difference especially in terms of colors and brightness, according to Cnet.


In terms of design, facing the phone, it will be difficult to tell the difference, but here are the other changes: Brushed aluminum edges for the iPhone 11 while the iPhone X has raw aluminum edges more beautiful but more sensitive to scratches. More colors with the iPhone 11 (6 colors) against 2 for the iPhone X The iPhone 11 has been sold as the most resistant iPhone so overall we can say that the iPhone X will be less resistant to shocks and contact with water. 


On the photo side, the iPhone X has a dual-sensor with a wide-angle and a telephoto lens. The iPhone 11, also has a double sensor but it is a wide-angle sensor and an ultra-wide-angle so it will fish on the zoom side, on the other hand, it will have an angle larger than the iPhone X. But what will make the difference is one of the biggest new features of the iPhone 11 / 11Pro, it is the night mode? So if you often take photos in very low light, go for the iPhone 11, or the difference will be unequivocal.

We talked about the rear sensors, let's focus now on the front sensor which goes from a 7MP resolution for the iPhone X with recording in 1080p to 12 MP on the iPhone 11 with recording in 4K (24, 30 and 60 images/second) as well as slow motion in 1080p at 120 frames per second.

Night Mode

And finally, the argument that often has the last word, I obviously refer to the price. The iPhone X is no longer sold by Apple but is easily found on the second-hand market and more particularly that of the refurbished with a 64 GB model sold for € 599 at BackMarket. The iPhone 11 with the same capacity is sold for € 809. In case you want to change and your budget is unlimited, go to the iPhone 11 Pro which is today the best iPhone. If your budget is tighter (less than 1000 €), than the strengths of the iPhone 11 do not matter to you (Night Mode, wide photo angle, better quality of the front sensor and more resistant) I strongly recommend the iPhone X which is at a relatively affordable price, it should be remembered that when it came out it was sold € 1,159. I hope this article has answered your questions about these two models.

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